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The SOLO Field Guide to Wilderness First Aid, Beyond the Golden Hour, Fifth Edition, is the textbook that accompanies the two day course of the same name. The Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course was created out of the direct experience of the founders of SOLO, the famous outdoor school that teaches wilderness medicine all over the world, and is designed for the "outdoor enthusiast". Whether hiker, climber, skier, kayaker, canoeist, or sailor, this course is for the adventurous who may find themselves away from immediate help and may have to rely on their own skills to survive and thrive if an emergency should arise.

First offered in 1974 under the name of the Mountain Rescue Seminar, the course became Backcountry Medicine, and eventually Wilderness First Aid. The course has continued to evolve over more than 40 years, through thousands of programs, and hundreds of thousands of students.

Wilderness First Aid

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